Store affiliate lesson 2

How to locate your affiliate links how to use it.


How to locate your affiliate links?

We try to put every as short and brief for quicker understanding.

  1. Once you are on Store Affiliate Dashboard, click where the  green arrow is pointing 
  2. Where the orange arrow is pointing is where you will see your unique link. Copy and share it.
  3. Where the blue arrow is pointing you can copy a link on any product and past it there. Then a unique referral link will be generated.

How to use your Affiliate links?

You can share this link in social media, with your family and friends, at church etc. You have to copy the link showed above pointed with the orange arrow. When people click on the link to visit the website what ever they purchase you are going to receive a commission. When people complete a purchase in Aleoba you will automatically receive an email informing you of the transactions have happened.  You will also be able to see your commission amount where the on your Affiliate Dashboard.

We encourage distributors to share their links all the time especially in social media because a person in France, Italy, Uk, Namibia, or anywhere around the world can use it to locate Aleoba and any complete sell that will be made you will be receiving 10%.This gives you more advantage. You can also embed this link in different products you will like to share.

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Store Affiliate Lesson 2

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Where do you find your affiliate links?

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How do you share your affiliate links?

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How will you know someone has bought a product or service through your link?I will

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Can you embed your affiliate link?

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Will people in different countries be able to click on your affiliate link and be able to complete a purchase?

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