Store affiliate lesson 1


What is an affiliate?

Affiliates are individuals or companies that promote’s other companies products and services.

Affiliate Marketing:

Is a process in which affiliates use in order to be able to promote products or services from different companies.

Below is the page which you will be able to see how much you are getting paid after each sell. It is called an affiliate platform. You will be able to view the amount of commission you are getting. The link will automatically trigger your commission after each sell.


To access the affiliate dashboard you have to click where the top first blue arrow is pointing.

  1. The blue arrow shows you the summary of your affiliate account. ( Overview)
  2. On the red arrow, shows the sales that you have made.
  3. Where the yellow arrow is pointing shows your previous payment history that was conducted.
  4. Where the green arrow is pointing lies a special link that you will have to always use in order to receive your 10% commission automatically from the purchases conducted by those you have recruited and sells you have purchased yourself.
  5. Where the purple arrow is pointing you will be able to change the information in your profile if something is not correct.
  6. Where the brown arrow is pointing is under Overview, that’s where you will be able to check your account balance.
  7. Where the sky blue is pointing is under Overview. You will be able to see how much commission percentage you are getting.
  8. Under Overview, where the lime arrow is pointing, you will see the number of people visited the website through your link. (You can test the link by sending it to yourself, and click on it to see if it worked.) You will see the amount of time you used it.
  9. Where the grey arrow is pointing shows the transactions occurs in a day.
  10. Where the Orange arrow is pointing is where you will see a daily revenue. The amount of money you made.
  11. Where the pink arrow is pointing shows you how many people visited the website through your link in a month.
  12. Where the burgundy arrow is pointing is where you can see how many orders you made in a month.
  13. Where the dark green arrow is pointing you will be able to see the total amount of money you made in a month.

Take the following test in order to proceed. 

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Store Affiliates Lesson 1

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How many percent do you make as an affiliate?

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What is an affiliate?

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How do you locate your affiliate links?

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What do you promote?

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How is your affiliate commission paid?

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