Things to consider when ordering online

There are certain things you should know before you start ordering online.

Things such as:

1. The authenticity of an online store

Online stores are dramatically increasing on a daily basis. It is therefore very important for one to do more research before purchasing and consider customer reviews before purchasing to avoid being scammed.

2. Safety of the payment method

This is also very important. You will always be given options on payment methods. It’s up to the customer to decide the most suitable method they are going to use. Options such as credit/debit/visa cards and Paypal are always given. There’s a course on how to register/ open for a PayPal account should you want to use it as a payment method.

It’s also important for you to be able to determine the exchange rate as the currency varies from country to country.

3. Customer reviews

Customer reviews/comments help customers determine the quality of the products they are about to purchase. Its always advisable for one to go through the reviews and see what others think and their recommendations.

4. Free shipping

This is free shipping from the supplier to our warehouse in China, its an advantage to consider such options because you will save a lot.

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