Should you want to ship with us, take note of the following payments:

Package fee

You are probably wondering what package fee is all about. Let’s say you ordered 5 items from different suppliers, all these will be shipped to our warehouse and received on different dates. So, to ship your goods to Namibia, we will pack all of your 5 items together to have 1 package rather than 5.

For packages between

  • 1 – 10 kg to you pay N$ 25 .00
  • 1 1 – 50 kg you pay N$ 35. 00
  • 51 – 100 kg you pay N$ 45. 00. Check out HERE for more information.

Shipping fees

Prices are based on the kilograms of our customers’ goods. Customers’ goods will be received at the warehouse and packed. After this, each customer’s goods will be weighed and will be notified. This will be done in order to determine their shipment fee.

Slow mode (Via sea)

We ship once per month. This will change as time goes.  All our customers will be notified as soon as we will start with fast shipping (air flights).

  • The shipping price per kg via sea is N$ 50.00.

Shipment and package fees are to be paid directly on the site. You can check out HERE


VAT is payable upon collection of your goods (Cash, Pay to Cell, Ewallet, Blue wallet, or Easy wallet), which will also be based on kg (N$  25. 00per kg) for both subscribed and unsubscribed members.

All payments are to be done online  EXCEPT for VAT / CUSTOMS which will be paid upon collection of your goods. This means you won’t need an agent if you are to ship with us.

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