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In this lesson you will discover how Aleoba Online MarketPlace empowers you to easily create, sell and grow an engaging online business from the comfort of your home or office powered by Aleoba Online Learning.

By taking this course you will be able to qualify for Aleoba Distribution in Any country using all registered products in Aleoba Online MarketPlace  either sold by country Aleoba store owners or by distributors. You will be able to create your own group in your area of distribution that you will lead, guide, instruct and motivate.

On this lesson we are going to learn way on  how to access Aleoba Online MarketPlace.

How to open an account?

If you are not logged in or you don’t have an account yet, you will see the page below after clicking on My Account.

  1. Click on Login where the red arrow is pointing
  2. Where the yellow arrow is pointing, write your email/username and the password.
  3. Then click Login where the orange arrow is pointing
  4. If you want your computer or your phone to always remember your password, click where the green arrow is pointing
  5. You can reset your password by clicking where the blue arrow is pointing.
  6. Where the pink arrow is pointing is where you can register if you are not registered.

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Distribution First Test

This will help you retain what you have learnt.

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What is Aleoba?

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What is a distributor?

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What do you do if you can't remember your password?

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What will gain by taking this course

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How many percent do you make as an affiliate?

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