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Aleoba is an online marketplace that brings products/services to millions of people around the globe.

A research was done and the findings were that most of our  Namibian people (those that are shipping from abroad, especially China) are using Chinese cargo rather than their own. This is where Aleoba Namibia Transportation comes in, we are a registered company in Namibia bringing goods and services at your doorsteps.

One of the services we offer is the transportation of goods by air and sea (Shipping).  We are shipping goods mostly from China. Customers can be buying their Goods on different platforms and use our services to transport their Goods to Namibia . These goods will be received at our warehouse in China, whereby they will be packaged and shipped out via sea/ air.

Why you should ship with Us

  • We provide safe and secure transportation up to your door step.
  • Affordable shipping cost ( the lowest shipping in the market)
  • Full refund of cost of your goods in case they got lost during transit from our Chinese Warehouse to Namibia. We encourage you to insure your goods during checkout for higher protection.
  • Best customer service

Aleoba Namibia Transportation will be shipping anything that needs to be shipped to Namibia. The only items we will not ship are hazardous/ dangerous goods (Such as Perfumes, Foundation etc…)  due to the liability and regulations involved.

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Aleoba Namibia shipping


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